Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Land Base Popping

It was started early year 2007, when pelagic species liked GT’s and barracuda’s a playing on top water near at sandakan navy base, so we decided to hunt this species by using popping technique from land base (tembok), ..popping time …beginzzz….

my partner got a strike when he jerking the fast popping techicque...wahh quite awesome..ganah betul

hook-up GT juvenile..quite tuff fight..'tak padan dgn kecik'

800g GT...

another trip catched...1.2kg & 1 kg GT
Fishing Tips:
Land Base popping spec.:-
Rod: 15lb-25lb, Length 8'-9', weight 110g-190g
Reel : Ratio 5.2 :1 - 6.0:1 (recommanded High Speed ratio), size 2500 - 4000, weight 240g -310g
line : 12lb - 20lb (dia. 0.22mm - 0.28mm) easy for long cast - better use braid line
lure : 10cm -12cm popper chugger & bloomper type
leader: 30lb FC leader 2 meter length

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