Wednesday, 6 May 2009

The FG Knot

The FG Knot does not have any bulges caused by overlapping of the mono leader, hence reducing the diameter of the knot considerably. This allows smooth, unrestricted flow of line out from the reel through the rod’s guide effortlessly. Initially I had doubts, if the knot would slip since there was nothing for the knot to slide against as resistance but its strength and integrity has been proven many times. The cross wrapping of the braided line over the mono leader causes the braided line to “bite” onto the mono leader more when pressure is applied on opposite ends of the knot. There have been many occasions during jigging when my jig was snagged onto a wreck or structure and upon breaking off the line, I found a burst mono leader but the FG knot connecting the braided line and mono leader stayed intact.1. Make a double of approximately 30 cm from the braided mainline.

1. Make a double of approximately 30 cm from the braided mainline.

2. Wrap the open end of the braided double onto the little finger to form a loop.

3. Spread the index finger and middle finger into the loop to form a taut line between the two fingers.

4. Turn your hand over with the back of your wrist facing upwards. Insert one end of the mono leader into the loop between the two fingers

5. Without moving the mono leader, turn the left wrist to face upwards. This will create a cross wrap on the mono leader.

6. A close-up view of picture no.5

7. Point the mono leader upwards and twist the wrist again. After each twist of the wrist, point the mono leader end up or downwards depending on the cross wrap direction. After a few twist, you should noticed a wrap pattern developing along the mono leader. It is important to maintain the tension between the index and middle fingers to keep the wraps tight.

8. Make about 10-15 wraps along the mono leader and then release the remaining line from the little finger. Tighten the wraps and while keeping tension, pull the mono leader end slightly forward with your teeth.

9. Tie a half-hitch knot securely onto the mono leader.

10. Continue to tie about 8 cross half-hitches, each with the threading end on a different direction, one after another.

11. After about 8 cross half-hitches, hold the loose end of the braided line with your teeth and keep it tight. Lubricate the knot with some saliva. Wearing gloves, pull the mono leader end and the braided line end.. (text continuation in picture 12)

12. in opposite directions as hard as you can to tighten the grip of the cross wraps and the half-hitches. It is normal to see some cross wraps expand and expose some of the mono leader on the top of half hitches.

13. Continue to make about 5 or more cross half-hitches along the mono leader. Pull hard on opposite end again when done.

14. Snip off the access mono leader to leave the approximately 5mm sticking out. Continue to make 8 or more cross half-hitches, this time, outside of the mono leader onto the braided mainline. This excess is to protect the knot during casting.

15. Fold back the braided end onto the mono end. Using a lighter, melt the mono end of the leader near the knot to form a little bulb. This will insure the knot from slipping.

16. The completed FG Knot . A virtually knot-free solution to achieve a smoother casting experience.
This knot takes a considerable amount of time to tie but its worth every effort put in. It may look complex but it is in fact, simpler than it looks. Besides its primary use for popping, it is also a suitable knot to use for jigging.

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