Sunday, 22 May 2011

Deep Trolling Technique

Trolling for pelagic fishing is a fishing method that on adoption in the world. It rarely produces more than the total catch by other methods, but his application that can be done using a small boat with a minimum of equipment that causes it to become popular. However, rising oil prices cause less economic techniques become as much oil and the time spent looking for fish. Reduced search time to fish when trolling is right at the known place of fish - the fish will gather as FAD (fish attracting device) or unjam. One technique that has high yields, but not always practiced the technique of "Deep trolling. " This technique is not popular in the tropical Pacific and artkel goal is to analyze the techniques and tools - tools that are suitable for deep trolling.

Experiments were carried out by deep trolling fishery officer Hubertus Van Pel in Tonga in 1955. Equipment used includes mainline 6mm diameter steel wire with a kite - flying wood are connected together. A trolling line to be connected to the kite - flying wood and 2 extends over the mainline. Van Pel recording state optimized for the trolling speed is 6 knots.

Van Pel also found that it is difficult for us to know the fish are on the hook if the technique is trolling deep. He proposed that each branch of the rope out a "release mechanism" to separate the whole rig is not necessary every time the bait was hit. Another way is by using a pulley, and double that on the mainline highlighted by Yesaki (1977). Branches of the string should be in the state with the correct spacing to avoid twisted. Another way is to use a downrigger in which the winch with stainless steel wires connected to the weights right at the end. Part of a little weight is placed on the clip and the clip is placed on the mainline to get to the desired depth. Downrigger system is found to be suitable for trolling over on a mainline.

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