Sunday, 19 April 2009


Complete rig with rod, reel, line, bobber, splitshot, and hook.

Supplies for 10 people to make rigs to take home. Allow for loss and breakage. Multiply by the number of groups of 10 participants you expect at your event:

● 12 removable splitshot (no lead)
● 12 bobbers
● 10 paper envelopes or plastic bags to send rigging home with

10 plastic bait worms to put over the points of the hooks before they go into the envelope to go home. They are very inexpensive when purchased in bulk. If that is not possible, 5 Styrofoam packing peanuts cut in half, to sink the hooks into before they go in the envelope or a roll of masking tape so that small pieces can be folded over the hooks

Bait to be passed around to smell (Power Bait™, salmon eggs, a can of corn, Velvetta™ cheese, and maybe catfish bait, if catfish are a sought after fish in your area).

Your own tackle box or a poster showing equipment array: spincasting rod and push button reel; spinning rod and reel; bait casting rod and reel; fly rod and reel; saltwater fishing rod and reel; and baits, lures and flies.

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